Re: Riding Another Person’s Horse

I am really reluctant to “share” Chacos and I would like to point out that I don’t say “no” because I think anyone is a bad rider … I say no because Chacos is way smarter than me and I don’t know how to coach people through his tests!! He…

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2017 Riding Goals

Time to start planning for a New Year! I like to set personal goals and work goals, and now that I have one gigantic, fuzzy and blue-ish on-going project, I also have Chacos Goals! In 2017 I want to … Trailer Chacos to a new arena to practice riding in a…

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My First Horse Moe

Today I’d like to tell you a little about my first horse Moe. And there’s no other place to start than at the very beginning! I started taking riding lessons the summer before sixth grade after falling head over heels in love with it during a week-long day camp. I don’t…

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